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Ok, considering the last con report took me like...a month, I would call a week prompt. :D
So, here's my "kind of" report. I decided to not go into too much details. I do however have tons of pictures I want to post and I will be doing separate posts for certain stuff, like most of the minishoots I did over the weekend. So um, yea, without further ado, my sort of, kinda con report of Phoenix Comicon 2010. :D

I called [livejournal.com profile] cherrytsuna(Cheryl) early to see if she wanted to check in early to our hotel room and then I picked her up and we headed to downtown Phoenix. Got to the hotel and was able to check in early, and put all of [livejournal.com profile] cherrytsuna's luggage into the room.

Cheryl, already rolling around in our suite.

[livejournal.com profile] meiye(Mei) arrived, but I had to go back home then, because it's my mom's birthday, so I left the remaining key cards to Cheryl to give to the rest of our room mates, [livejournal.com profile] amazinggilbo(Leexy) and her mom, which wouldn't be arriving until later that night.

After dinner, I bust out my sewing and in trying to finish Taiwan and Hong Kong, I didn't sleep at all. But in the end, time won out and I wasn't able to finish those cosplays. OTL


So, I got over the fact that I spent an all nighter for nothing. Started packing around 6AM and got out of the house around 8ish. I got to our hotel room while everyone was still asleep, but they soon woke up when I got there. So while my roomies all got ready, I decided to go to the con and get my badge and maybe take pics of people.

No lie, this dude was the first cosplayer I saw and took a picture of. Lawls.

I didn't really have much planned except taking pictures. Friday was the day for the big Reborn Orange Jumpsuit group. I believe the group had um...15 people? It was a huge group.

I ARE PLAYING PHOTOGS (btw, I had three cameras on me at that moment)

Um, so...that concrete was hot. Like, fucking boiling hot. Like, holy shit I probably shouldn't have done that, but I wanted the shot so badly. It hurt a lot, but I was fine for after a few minutes.

Anyways, there are mooooooore pictures of the group, plus pairing shots and scenarios and lots more shenanigans, but I've decided to post that in a different post to make this entry less cluttered.

So, moving on! The gathering lasted for like 3 hours. I was beat and my mood was winding down because of lack of sleep, lack of food and my own personal drama, so I got out of there for to get food snacks for our suite and I needed an afro wig for my next day's cosplay. Got back to the room to see it full of people changing or just lounging in general/escaping from the heat. The snacks I bought really came in handy then. Then I was carted around by Frik and FrakMei and Cheryl to take pictures of their Labyrinth Ball Masquerade outfits.

I'm sure both were the belles of the ball. Except I heard from them that it was pretty fail and it was more like a rave. =/

Then I went back to the convention center with [livejournal.com profile] emmayori(Emma), [livejournal.com profile] placidmage(Terri) and their friends to go to Spence, Tori, Leexy and Aleyna's cosplay panel. After that I did a walk around the dealer's hall, though nothing instantly grabbed by attention. I was REALLY tired by this time, so I opted not to go to the JFashion Show, which is a good thing, coz they didn't have enough seating and my group got turned away, so I wouldn't have made it in anyways. But at least there are pictures of my friends that were in it:

Roomie [livejournal.com profile] amazinggilbo

The ever awesome [livejournal.com profile] toiea(Aleyna) and her boyfriend, Lars. Most of what he's wearing is hers, btw. And I find it adorable that they can fit each other's clothes. XD

Mr. TJ, one of my favorite local artists.

D'aaaw, Jessie~!

Taken from the Phoenic Comicon 2010 flickr site.

I got back to the hotel and Mei, Cheryl and Terri and I ended up going to the hotel restaurant and I treated them to dinner (though Terri was just there for company, since she's eaten already). And then after going back up to the room, I ended up crashing on the couch. Apparently, there is a picture somewhere out there where I'm passed out snoring on the couch. I woke up two hours later hearing Mei, Cheryl and Leexy's mom talking about yaoi, I think. XD And then Leexy got back from the rave and we all went to bed.

So, Saturday was kind of odd. First of all, I never actually made it to the convention center. Hahaha...uh, and second I spent most of the time photographing Mei and Cheryl in their One Piece costumes.

I don't mind, I got a lot of really good pictures. I also got to photograph the SB1070 Protest March in the middle of our shoots.

I have like 30 pictures of the march, and there's one I really like that I wanna post on dA...I'm just a bit afraid of, I don't know...political criticism. /shrug
Got back to the hotel room to find a lot of people in there once again, doing last minute costume stuffs.

TykixLink??? 8D

I also did a mini shoot with Terri's Nunnally costume before she changed into Allen.

And a bit of Nodame with [livejournal.com profile] rideru_takaya. We were supposed to be Nodame and Masumi, but I never got pictures of myself as Masumi. :<

Well, I never made it to the masquerade, because I had to go home for a bit for my mom's birthday dinner party (yea another one). But here's pictures of my friends and their awesome skits.

This video starts right at Mei, Cheryl and Leexy's One Piece skit.

And this here is Terri, Emma and Aleyna's D.Gray-Man skit:
Click here because I can't seem to embed the video on LJ. D:

Allen Walker, being possessed by Lady Gaga.

Took more pictures after everyone got back from the masquerade.

I believe the joke was "This part also stretches!!!"

Oh, it's definitely a bad bromance~ XD

I also ended up taking Tori and her friends home that night and I got in late, but Leexy and I looked through pictures on my computer after a while and laughed ourselves silly. And then sweet sleep.

We woke up and were kind of slow with getting ready. Me and my roomies (with the exception of Leexy's mom) went down to the hotel restaurant to get breakfast and I bought Leexy hashbrowns, which apparently did not taste that good. D:

Got to the con later than I wanted. But we arrived just in time for epic group picture before Terri, Emma and their friends left for the Grand Canyon.

I love everyone in this picture liek whoah. I feel so blessed to have found such awesome friends and I'm going to stop now before I get any mushier.

Sunday was my Reborn day! Rydel was Enma, and I made her hold my hand when we were walking around the convention. >D

Mai shota waifuuu~

Rydel is actually related to Pedobear.

I borrowed Lars' foam covered dowelstonfas.

There was a lot of this going on. Um, I must have more than 50 pictures with just silly faces, no lie.

I also did a minishoot with Tiffany and Amber in their awesome Organization coats. :D

So, most people were leaving or had left already. Rydel had changed into Kyoko and her sister was Haru, but we didn't get to take pictures before they had to leave. I probably should have done that before going to take pics of Aleyna's K-ON group. D: But oh well.

IDK, Gaga!Hibari???! XD

During our K-ON! shoot outside, these guys from the volleyball tournament that was also going on suddenly joined the girls for pictures. We told them they should look away dramatically from the camera and they played right along. :D And then after the K-ON! shoot, Lars, Aleyna and I took Cheryl home. I guess Lars was really tired, because on the way back to downtown Phoenix he fell asleep in the backseat.

Why, yes, that is Hibari passed out in my backseat. :D

I took Aleyna and Lars to Sing High and treated them to dinner. I'm glad you guys liked the food! Let's do that again some other time. :D
So, all in all, the con was only alright for me, but what made it epic for me was my awesome friends. ♥

Here are other people's reports, btw:

[livejournal.com profile] emmayori's massive PCC report
[livejournal.com profile] toiea's con report!

So, onwards to Saboten Con~! I have so many plans and schemes cooking up for it already. I can't wait!
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